Baby M's beautiful newborn session | Connecticut Newborn Photographer

I was having a conversation yesterday with an amazingly talented photographer friend, Virginia Grueloch of The Good Life Photo yesterday, about how she feels her most treasured memories are actually photos taken on her iPhone. This really surprised me because she is an amazing professional photographer but her point was this: the moments that matter most can’t wait. They need to be captured immediately, without a moments notice. That really got me thinking.

When you have a new baby, time can feel like it has stopped. Its so challenging and exhausting and intoxicating, you barely know what's going on in the outside world. But you guys - it's over so, so, SO fast. And you’ll look back forever with so much love for those days. You’ll completely forget how hard it was and you’ll yearn for your child to fit in your arms like that again. When I look back at my six-year old’s newborn pictures, it’s the most bittersweet mix of love and sadness that those days are past us. That I’ll never hold him in my arms like that again. But oh my goodness, I am so so grateful to have my photos - from my phone and pro camera - which I know have printed in books and framed on the shelves. They are such good food for the soul to look through every once in a while.

All this to say - take so many photos.

Hire a professional… or don’t.

Just take the photos! You won’t regret it.

Laura BarrComment