bright and clean newborn session | Fairfield County Newborn Photography

Today my oldest finishes Kindergarten. It’s funny how bringing him home a tiny one day old baby feels at once SO SO long ago, and also like it was yesterday. I remember the feeling so well, and yet, I forget the details at times. Like, did he have legs wrinkles? How little was he in my arms? How much time did we spend staring at him? I’m so grateful to have beautiful images to look back on, to relish those sweet days and also see how far we’ve come. It’s why I include a beautiful hard cover linen photo album in every newborn session - because I know you, too, will want to remember and I picture each of my clients thumbing through their albums from time to time, reminiscing about how little their baby once was and feeling so happy that they decided to capture those precious and fleeting moments.