gorgeous lifestyle newborn in westport ct by laura barr photography

Where do you offer your photography services? 

I photograph throughout Fairfield County and Westchester County, as well as greater Connecticut and New York City. My outdoor sessions take place at a variety of locations, and my indoor sessions take place in clients homes. I do not provide studio photography.


Do you have a studio for my newborn photos?

No, all of the newborn sessions I do take place in my clients homes. Some clients worry that their homes won't photograph well, but I assure them that whether their home is ready to grace the pages of House Beautiful or not, I will focus on their families connection and utilize light to make beautiful images. Often times, undecorated homes provide a beautifully minimal background for images so I don't mind that at all! 


What should we wear? 

Once booked, I'll send you a my comprehensive Style & Planning Guide which walks you through planning outfits for all types of sessions. In general though, I recommend deciding what kind of feel you're going for (casual, dressed up, etc) and then coordinating your outfits together usually starting with yours (moms). My most important tip is to coordinate NOT match for natural feeling images and I go through how to do that in the guide.


How should I prepare my home for our session?

Please do not worry about cleaning! Either you just had a baby or are a mom of little kids, and either way I do not want you stressing about cleaning before your session. I will move distracting things out of the way as I need to ensure there isn't a lot of clutter in the images. That said, if it makes you feel better to have a clean home, treat yourself and hire someone to come in and clean for you!


I've heard that we need to do newborn photos before 2 weeks, is that true?

For the type of photography I do (candid lifestyle), the baby absolutely does not need to be under two weeks old. In fact, some of my favorite newborn sessions last year were with 4 week old babies - they still have that newborn look, but they are a little chubbier and tend to be less fussy. However, if you want that brand new sleeping look, then we can definitely get you scheduled right away, too!


My husband has agreed to the photos but isn't happy about it - how do you get guys comfortable in front of the camera?

I'd suggest taking the pressure off, and letting your husband know it's going to be really relaxed. When I arrive, I'll make sure he knows it's going to be relaxed and I won't make him do anything he's going to feel weird about, but also that I'm taking charge so he doesn't have to worry about what to do. If necessary, feel free to give him a beer before I arrive! Seriously.


What if my kids don't cooperate?

Kids will be kids, so I never try to make them do something they don't want to do. Instead, I meet them where they're at, try to get on their level and give them choice in how they join the photos. At the end of the day, we will get gorgeous, candid images.