Free sessions for families experiencing the unimaginable

The Legacy of Love Project is my answer to a calling I have felt tugging at my heart this year. To not only capture beautiful memories for the families that choose to hire me, but also to help those who can’t but need it most. Having been through a great deal of loss of my own in the last 5 years losing my son Henry and my dad within a year of each other, I truly know in the depths of my soul how much photos matter. I know that loving & laughing together, making memories, and creating tangible evidence of those moments through photos can be so life-affirming and so healing.

If you live in Southern Connecticut and are a family experiencing the life-threatening illness of a parent or child, OR a family that has just lost a baby and would like to capture memories in the short time you have together,

I would love to offer you a free legacy of love session.


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Please fill out the form below and I will get back to you in less than 48 hours. If you are in the hospital, please make sure you make it clear that it is very time sensitive.

Note that while I will try to accommodate as many sessions as I can, I unfortunately cannot make any guarantees of being able to serve every application. I kindly ask that applicants give as much detail as possible, and that those that apply are truly in need of this service.


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