I'm Laura - mom, wife, photographer (to name a few of the hats I wear) - fueled by love and coffee.

If you've found me here then hopefully, like me, you love a timeless style. You are drawn to imagery that is natural, honest and heartfelt, not forced. And you want beautiful photos of your real interactions, of your true personalities, having fun and loving each other like only you do.

As a mom myself, I get it and I would love to help you do that. 


Motherhood has been the single best teacher in my life and through the last 6 years of raising my boys, I have come to know this to be true: 

it is not about perfection, it is about finding beauty in the imperfection

It is about savoring the here and now, and not wishing it were anything different. I like to think my photography is much the same - you won't find me forcing awkward poses or asking you to say anything into the camera (like cheese), but instead allowing moments to unfold and focusing on what truly matters:

The moment. The connection. The love.


When you hire me for your family’s photos, you’re not just going to get digital files that eventually get buried on Facebook and lost on a hard drive. You’ll walk away with a meaningful experience, heartfelt imagery, and real tangible memories that you’ll be able to hold in your hands 30 years from now.

Proof that this chapter of life wasn’t perfect, but it sure was beautiful.

If that sounds like what you’re looking for, then I would absolutely love to chat. Hop over to my contact page for all the info you need to get your session booked.


With Love,


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