a warm winter maternity session in greenwich, ct

Whenever clients book me for outdoor sessions at the beach in the middle of winter, I have to admit I am crossing my fingers and checking the weather for weeks leading up to it. The weather is just very unpredictable in Connecticut in January...and though I think winter is a gorgeous time for outdoor photos, I do not enjoy subjecting pregnant mamas to extreme temperatures or weather! I try to set expectations of that unpredictability of this time of year and usually set it up so it's half at home, half at an outdoor location in case we need to adjust. Well, on January 21st we we're particularly lucky with the extreme temperatures in Fairfield County...it was nearly 50 degrees! We met at Steve & Becca's home and then headed to the beach. Big bro Ringo (the black lab) was particularly happy with the location and the weather!

a motherhood story | greenwich ct newborn photographer

Elizabeth contacted me about doing a motherhood session in January - she explained that she was coming back to her home town from California and wanted photos with her new baby in her childhood home before her parent's move out of the house later this year. I always love photographing "older" babies and sweet Theo was a perfectly chunky three months. We had so much and realized that we actually went to the same high school, one year apart, and had a lot of mutual friends...but didn't know each other! Such a small world, and I'm just so happy that this job let's me connect with so many moms and get to know their stories...one thing I can say about Elizabeth is that these images are such a perfect reflection of her absolute joy & love for her sweet son. Enjoy!

on photographing your kids and being in the moment...

My word of the year, which I shared recently on my instagram, is "intention" and for that reason I've found myself thinking a lot lately about how I spend my days and why I do the things I do. I want to live a life of intention in which the things I do day in and day out are connected to my overall purpose. I no longer want to feel like I'm running around doing "all the things" but rather doing the things that matter to me; Being present for my children and setting an example about what it means to live life with purpose, helping mothers document their family memories through my passion for photography, and leaving the world a more beautiful and loving place. 

I was thinking about all of this when we recently went on vacation, and grappling with wanting to take pictures while also wanting to be present in the moment. As mom photographers, we so badly want to capture beautiful images and memories of our kids, but how often do we forget to be in the memories with them? This week, I was listening to The Family Photographer Podcast (one of my favorites!) and host Jenny Stein was talking about this very thing and she said "Do you want your kids only memory of their mom to be of you with a camera in front of your face?" 

I am by no means perfect, and still guilty of spending too much time with the camera in front of my face (as I'm sure my husband will tell you!), but this year I'm making a conscious effort to be intentional about my photography and my time with my kids. In the moment, if there's an image I want then I will spend a few minutes trying to get the image and then put. the. camera. away. Because when I look back on my life, I know I'll be so happy to have beautiful images of beach vacations from when my kids were little, but I'll be even more grateful for the time I spent actually digging in the sand with them.

I would love to hear how all you moms handle photographing your littles! Do you feel you always have to have a camera in hand, or do you find it easy to put it down and get in the moment with them?

Some images from our vacation, in which I did not take very many photos but enough to be satisfied that I captured some great memories...

a throwback to warmer days... | fairfield county lifestyle photographer

While I stare out the window at a winter blizzard, I am dreaming of warmer days and thought I'd share a session from a lovely and hot afternoon this past October. I had so much fun with this couple and their adorable pup Dilly (named after their home city of Delhi!) at beautiful Waveny Park in New Canaan. Can't wait for this snow to melt, and it hasn't even finished falling yet!

a cozy holiday session | fairfield county family photographer

I met this sweet family on a chilly and overcast day just before Thanksgiving. The leaves had fallen and the green faded, and to be honest, I didn't mind one bit. There's something so beautiful and natural about the muted tones of late fall, and how the golden light falls on everything. Mix in rich colors and warm knits, and it was a perfect holiday session. Little Ricky was on the go the entire time, and though a little challenging from a photography perspective, I always love working with spirited little ones...they bring so much life and joy to the images! And it didn't hurt that he is absolutely adorable...future heartbreaker in the making!

a late fall woodsy session | fairfield county family photographer

Being a mom of boys means whenever I get to photograph little girls, I get a little giddy. There's just something about sweet, feminine details such as twirly dresses and long curly hair that are so darn fun to photograph. So, when sweet little Mia showed up to our session in Newtown, CT, I was immediately drawn to her adorable pigtails. I mean, could she be any cuter? 

Such a fun session we had!



two months of sweetness | fairfield county newborn photographer

A while back, I wrote a post about why you shouldnt feel pressured to do your newborn photographs in the first week. It really depends on what type of newborn photography you want - if you're looking for posed in-studio portraits of your baby sleeping, then yes, it would probably be smart to get them done quickly. However, if you want something more natural, more true to life at home then I promise you the exact age of your baby doesn't matter. A few weeks ago, I did a beautiful session with sweet two month old Harrison and it quickly became one of my favorites! Not only was he smiley and easy going, but mom and dad seemed to really have the hang of it and I guarantee they we're getting more sleep than they had been at one week!

our getaway to Switzerland!

Last week, my husband and I went on vacation alone together for the first time in FOUR YEARS. I know this is a norm for many parents, and many probably never get a chance to really get away, so I feel very blessed that we were even able to. But at the same time, four years is a long time to not have more than one day alone with your spouse! We chose Switzerland because we love Europe and my husband (who is British) lived for a time in Zurich and loved it. We also have very close friends from Switzerland (hi Marco & Denise!), and seeing their beautiful trips home made me want experience it for myself. So, when our 5th anniversary came and went last month, we realized it was definitely time!

It was a fantastic trip and now that I am finally over my jet lag, I present you with my photos and a list of my 5 favorite things about Switzerland...

1. It's so clean and efficient - you know how the Swiss make clocks? Well there love of time goes beyond wrist watches, they are insanely timely. Like, trains actually leave at the scheduled time and arrive when they say they will. And everything just generally runs really smoothly, unlike some of the transportation systems I am used to in this country (eh hem, Metro North, lookin' at you).

2. Zurich is beautiful - it reminded me a little of Paris and London with it's beautiful cobblestone streets, gorgeous European architecture and those old streets you can wander through for hours and get lost in. Even in November and with some rain, it was so nice to wander. 

3. Fondue - in case you don't know what fondue is, it's a Swiss specialty. They melt a variety of delicious cheeses in a pot, and give you a stick and some bread and sausage and other yummy treats to dip into the cheese. If you're lucky, they will also present you with an alcohol (called Kirsh?) that you dip the bread into before dipping it in the cheese. YUM.

4. Bier - don't get me wrong, I love American craft beers, but European beer just tastes better!

5. The Swiss Alps are a fairytale! - We went up to the Jungfrau region, Mount Eiger being one of the highest mountains in Europe, and were blown away by how beautiful it was. Not only is the scenery just so picturesque, but it felt a little like stepping back in time. The towns were just a speckling of swiss chalet style homes and there were so few commercial chains. Literally did not see one single McDonalds or Starbucks outside of Zurich at all. SO refreshing.


sweet ambler farm session | fairfield county family photographer

Last year, I was asked to participate in a fundraiser for Oliver's preschool in which I took black & white portraits of each child for their parents to purchase at the annual gala. I also donated a family lifestyle session to the auction as a way to give back to his wonderful school - a mom in his class told me she had won the auction for my session and said they we're so impressed I was able to get a smile out of their daughter in the portrait. That meant a lot to me because getting real emotions out of people is what I always strive for. Fast-forward 6 months to their family session, and I'd say there was no shortage of smiles at all! It's all about letting a family relax and be themselves, and helping them to forget the camera is even there. Have I mentioned I love my job?



5 Takeaways from The Magic of Light Workshop

Last month, I was absolutely giddy with joy to get a coveted spot in Illuminated Classes "The Magic of Light Workshop," an online photography course created and taught by the incredibly talented Summer Murdock. She has been a source of inspiration for me for a while and I knew I had to take this course, although getting in is not easy. The class sold out in about 4 minutes flat this year. Thanks to high speed internet, my trusty iMac, dexterous fingers, and a little stroke of luck, I got in!

So, I'm not going to give away anything that is taught in the class, but I wanted to share my work from it and some reflections!

1. Beautiful light doesn't just appear in front of you - you have to look for it and sometimes even chase it. One of the best things about the class (aside from all the amazing technical lessons taught) was just that it simply heightened my awareness about light and I found I was constantly looking for it. So, when I was playing out in the garden with Theo, I was immediately captivated by the beads of morning dew on these plants we have, and the light flickering off of them. I ran inside and grabbed both of my cameras - the freelensed one below turned out to be my favorite. Equally, I was at this old wooden playground with the boys, and looking for light. I thought, "hmmm I wonder how it looks inside of that treehouse" and BAM. My favorite photo of the month - never would have thought to do that before!

morning dew by laura barr photography
inside the treehouse by laura barr photography

2. ...but ALL light can be interesting - as a mom of two young boys, its really hard to get out during the golden hour when its dinner, tubby and bed time. This course helped me see all of the different ways to use light and all of the different kinds of light I could utilize because there's way more to light than the golden hour. 

waiting for a friend by laura barr photography
at the museum

3. A "good" photograph is not about technical excellence or perfect people/places - those things help you make nice photos, but a truly "good" photograph is one that has the power to move the viewer. It's about the emotion that the photographer feels and how they capture the essence of that in the frame. 

gram by laura barr photography
self portrait by laura barr photography
the met by laura barr photography

4. Photographer's FOMO is real - I have a serious case of FOMO when it comes to photography. Like, sometimes, I CAN NOT STOP for fear of missing something. This was never more true than during "the magic of light" - any twinkle, ray, or beam of light would have me running for my camera! I love being that excited about something, but constantly have to remind myself that there will always be more light! That's the beauty.

play time by laura barr photography
golden light


5. Tapping into your creative juices is essential - this course made me feel ALIVE. I love my job and I adore photographing babies and families, but stretching myself and my creativity was life giving. Even if you think you're not creative, you are. Follow your curiousity and explore it, you won't be disappointed!

autumn is coming by laura barr photography
shadow play
the shed by laura barr photography
waiting at the met by laura barr photography


In conclusion, this class rocks!!! It's a lot of information and an intense 3 weeks, but it was SOOOO worth every single penny. Thanks, Summer!!!