Toddler fun | Stamford, CT Family Photographer

I met up with a friend at the Stamford Nature Center this week, and I'm so glad I caught some pictures of her with her little boy right away. He was so full of joy, energy and spunk! What a little cutie. And then the fact that his nap had been cut short caught up to him. Queue massive meltdown. If you're a mom, you know - we've ALL been there. And his mama was INCREDIBLE. She stayed calm and collected, despite the fact that I could see and feel that he was really flustering her. We were going to go the playground but the tantrum was escalating, so I said, why don't we just walk back to your car? As she wrangled her screaming, tired fireball into the car she just smiled through it. She looked at me and we both laughed. She didn't say it, but I know what she was thinking.

You get it.

Yes, I do, mama. You are amazing, we all are. She texted me a minute later that he was fast asleep.