a pretty little DIY

Last week I had the pleasure of photographing the most beautiful, radiant pregnant mama at Todd's Point in Greenwich, CT for a maternity session, and when planning for the shoot we decided it would be fun to have her wear a flower crown in some of the shots. I know this trend may seem over done these days, but you know what, I love it. They are beautiful and ethereal, and so are pregnant mamas. Perfect fit. 

I love crafting and DIYing, so I thought I would try making my own before looking in to buying it. One Pinterest Tutorial, two hours, and twenty five dollars later (which is enough supplies to make 4 crowns), I had the most beautiful floral crown I ever did see. So pretty that I just had to take it in the backyard and test it out. Aren't these woods in my backyard amazing, too? I do love Ridgefield in the winter...

Now here are my quick and easy instructions:

1) Purchase your supplies (MIchael's had everything I needed): a pack of thick stem wire (18 guage), thin green floral wire (26 guage), a variety of silk flowers, and wire clippers. 

2) Using the thick stem wire, form a crown around your head. TIP: you may need to use two pieces, twisting them together at the ends to form a circle. Leave it a little loose to leave room for the flowers. 

3) Snip the stems off of the flowers (leave the nub so they don't fall apart) and arrange them into a semi-circle on the table.

4) Once your satisfied with the arrangement, start on end and attach them to the crown using the thin green wire. Wrap it around and around many times to make sure the flowers are secure. Add lots of leaves, twigs, berries etc to make it full, interesting and to hide the wire. 

5) Snip off any excess wire or stems and VOILA!