family is everything | fairfield county lifestyle photographer


I met Gabby over 4 years ago when she was in nursing school and I hired her to be a mother's helper for my tiny newborn baby. We loved having her help with our son over the course of about a year, but eventually she needed to move on to her nursing career. She offered that her mother was available to take her place, and as Oliver grew up he quickly became quite attached to Helena. These days we're all in different phases of life, but our families remain close. Gabby got married and had the most beautiful baby girl, and she and her husband moved to Ecuador where their families are from. This summer, while they were visiting, I told her I had to do a session for them. I just love how the images came out, not because they were dressed so stylishly (great job, Gabby!), but because there love for each other is so palpable and their bond so strong. This family truly embodies the phrase "family is everything" and I'm so happy I was able to give them this gift to treasure, even when separated by thousands of miles. 

Laura BarrComment