our getaway to Switzerland!

Last week, my husband and I went on vacation alone together for the first time in FOUR YEARS. I know this is a norm for many parents, and many probably never get a chance to really get away, so I feel very blessed that we were even able to. But at the same time, four years is a long time to not have more than one day alone with your spouse! We chose Switzerland because we love Europe and my husband (who is British) lived for a time in Zurich and loved it. We also have very close friends from Switzerland (hi Marco & Denise!), and seeing their beautiful trips home made me want experience it for myself. So, when our 5th anniversary came and went last month, we realized it was definitely time!

It was a fantastic trip and now that I am finally over my jet lag, I present you with my photos and a list of my 5 favorite things about Switzerland...

1. It's so clean and efficient - you know how the Swiss make clocks? Well there love of time goes beyond wrist watches, they are insanely timely. Like, trains actually leave at the scheduled time and arrive when they say they will. And everything just generally runs really smoothly, unlike some of the transportation systems I am used to in this country (eh hem, Metro North, lookin' at you).

2. Zurich is beautiful - it reminded me a little of Paris and London with it's beautiful cobblestone streets, gorgeous European architecture and those old streets you can wander through for hours and get lost in. Even in November and with some rain, it was so nice to wander. 

3. Fondue - in case you don't know what fondue is, it's a Swiss specialty. They melt a variety of delicious cheeses in a pot, and give you a stick and some bread and sausage and other yummy treats to dip into the cheese. If you're lucky, they will also present you with an alcohol (called Kirsh?) that you dip the bread into before dipping it in the cheese. YUM.

4. Bier - don't get me wrong, I love American craft beers, but European beer just tastes better!

5. The Swiss Alps are a fairytale! - We went up to the Jungfrau region, Mount Eiger being one of the highest mountains in Europe, and were blown away by how beautiful it was. Not only is the scenery just so picturesque, but it felt a little like stepping back in time. The towns were just a speckling of swiss chalet style homes and there were so few commercial chains. Literally did not see one single McDonalds or Starbucks outside of Zurich at all. SO refreshing.


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