Our 100 Days of Summer

This week I completed my first ever 100 Days of Summer project in which I took a photo each day from Memorial Day Weekend to the day after Labor Day. I absolutely fell in love with shooting every single day for so many reasons:

- it pushed me to get creative and to think about how to capture the essence of each day

- it became a routine, whereas in the past I've just picked up my camera randomly on days I feel like it

- it helped me grow as a photographer - no matter what your skill level there is always more to learn and shooting every day forces you to get better, it just does.

- I'm going to have a beautiful, completed book - which I haven't made in years! This project forced me to stay organized and now that I'm finished, I was able to easily transfer all of the photos from my folder into a Blurb book. 

Whether you're a novice just using an iPhone or a seasoned photographer, I highly recommend a photo-a-day project! I wanted to start with one season before jumping to a 365 (a photo a day for a year) but now that I've done it, I am hooked and can't wait for January 1! 

Here are some of my highlights from our 100 Days of Summer (to see them all, check out my flicker album here):

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