Reflections on a snowy day | Ridgefield, CT

I'm writing this post for myself mostly, but also for anyone else who is feeling caught up in the comparison game lately. Being in the business of photography can sometimes feel competitive, but I think that's a general feeling everyone who is on social media has at times. So this is really for anyone feeling that need to "keep up with the joneses"...

- Social media creates an incessant need for validation. We've all been there - checking back on instagram to see how many likes. Feeling disappointment over lack of engagement on facebook. But, the truth is, none of that is real. What's real is that we are true to ourselves and the people we love. That I express myself with my creative gifts, provide families with the gift of timeless memories, and do what I love with the people I love.

- My only competition is with myself. Really. I can't control anyone else, I can only try to improve myself and be constantly better than I was yesterday. To constantly evolve, that is the goal. 

- Self-love is true love. Unless you love yourself, you can't love and give to others to your fullest capability. 

- Give yourself grace. We all get caught up in the anxiety, the competition, the need for validation. That is part of being human. Give yourself grace, and keep moving forward. 

- When you feel insecure, build others up. This is always a sure way to boost your own morale. 

- Life is abundant. There will always be someone better, smarter, prettier, richer, etc. Always. And there are a lot of photographers out there, but guess what? There are LOTS of families wanting to capture beautiful moments of their family. It's easy to fall prey to the fear of scarcity - that there is not enough for everyone - but there's always room for more. Life is abundant and the universe has room for all of us.





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