mexico stole my heart

We just got back from an incredible week in Mexico. If I'm honest, I was so excited about the hot weather and the gorgeous beaches, but I didn't have many expectations beyond that. Well, I was pretty blown away. Yes, it the air was perfectly warm and the water turquoise blue - but it was the warmth of the people that did it for us. What lovely, kind, caring, and hardworking people - pretty much going above and beyond at any opportunity to make sure we were enjoying ourselves. And to top it off, the beach was pure perfection, the food was delicious and all included, and we had a direct 3-hour flight to get there. All this to say, we need to save our pennies because I cannot wait to go back!

P.S. - apologies to my hubby for not including him in any of these pictures! He's in many of my iphone photos, I just didn't carry my DSLR around with me much. And we did a photo shoot with a wonderful photographer there, so I knew she got a ton of gorgeous family shots (will be showing those off on my instagram feed soon!)

Laura BarrComment