A cozy newborn session | CT Newborn Photographer

newborn session with dogs-laura barr photography

This weekend I got to photograph the most adorable new family - Greg, Christina and their new baby - and I loved every single minute of it. Baby C is one month old already so he was very alert for much of the shoot, which was great - I got to capture those bright blue eyes! He is a very hungry boy, so while he was pretty chill for most of it, he did lose his cool for a few moments. Not to worry though, I told mom and dad to just go with it and do what they would normally do to calm him...and those ended up being some of my favorite images. They are about the most relaxed new parents I've ever been around! 

Oh and can we talk about their dogs? The cutest EVER. Ollie the Golden Retriever is a super loving and happy girl, while Corrie, the puggle, is more on the nervous ninny side. They were so much fun to incorporate and probably "made" the shot in several images. Made me want a dog so badly (I keep telling my husband we need to get one for Christmas!). 

New parenthood is so, so magical and it makes me so happy to see the wonder in a new mamas eyes. I am incredibly grateful to have found the thing that lights me up and makes my heart sing, and to preserve moments that I know this family will treasure for a lifetime is why I love photography.