sweet baby E | CT Newborn & Family Photographer

pure love - newborn session baby e - laura barr photography

Over the weekend I got to photograph the sweetest family who just welcomed their second daughter into the world earlier in March. Sweet baby E was so tiny, no matter how many times I see a brand new baby, I am always amazed at their size. I never quite get over the miracle of it all. 

It was a fun shoot and the photos turned out great, though we all had a laugh about how much harder toddlers are than newborns! Adorable big sister Evvie was so full of life and ENERGY that it was hard to keep the focus on baby sis ...luckily I was able to strike a good balance but she sure was a ham for the camera. She even greeted me at the door saying "CHEESE!" It's funny - when you become a new parent, having a newborn feels SO hard; harder than anything you've every done actually! It truly is life changing in the most amazing and most challenging ways. You worry, you stress, you cry, you pray to the Lord to let you get some sleep! But once that baby becomes a toddler and you have your second child, suddenly you realize just how easy you had it back then. Suddenly your second (your newborn) is a piece of cake and your pulling your hair out over your wild, unruly toddler! Probably not the case for everyone, but we certainly laughed about how much second-time parenthood is different from the first time. 

Evvie may have been a handful, but she sure does have the sweetest little smile. What adorable girls!