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For today's blog post, I thought I would try something different. Instead of just showing a recent session and saying "look at this beautiful family!" (because that is a given), I thought I would provide helpful information about photography instead. So, today I thought I'd talk about things you don't need to worry about when it comes to an in-home session...

The day of your photography session can feel quite stressful for moms - I've been there! You've invested good money hoping everything will turn out beautifully, and more importantly, you want everyone to look and feel their best. Suddenly, you have just a few hours to go before your photographer shows up and you feel like it's going to be a disaster!

I'm here to say, take a deep breath, mama. I've got this. 

I've seen it all, and promise it's still going to be beautiful. So, take that deep breath, and let these worries go...

1. Figuring out where the best light is - you know the session is going to utilize natural light, but you have no idea what's going to work in your house. Don't worry about it! The first thing I do when I arrive is greet you and ask to take a tour of the home. That's when I'll assess the light and show you the areas with the best light and best picture potential. 

2. Moving all the clutter - you cleaned yesterday, but now - once again - the house is a disaster. Seriously, NO worries. After I've seen the light and we've picked some spots, I'm going to move anything that would be distracting (with your permission). We'll just bulldoze those toys into one corner that won't be seen and no one will even know it was there! But also, remember that your things are what make it your home, and help tell YOUR story. So a little bit of clutter is not a bad thing in pictures either.

3. Making the house look perfect - you wanted to put crisp, new sheets on every bed, fluff all the pillows, and rearrange that bookcase like you've been thinking about doing forever. You have big plans for your home, but it's just not there yet. I'm here to say, don't worry about it! I have an eye for design and composition, and I'll pick the best places in your home to showcase what's most important...you. 

4. Moody kids - it's pretty much guarenteed that your kids will be difficult at some point during picture day. I always try to get down to kids levels so they can get comfortable with me, and 9 times out of 10 they turn their mood around pretty fast. And when they don't...it's still pretty darn cute!

5. Shy husbands - last thing you need is an uncooperative husband, but trust me, it happens. Most men are not super excited about having their picture taken. I'll try my best to get on their good side by letting them know how relaxed the session is, and that I'm not going to make them do anything uncomfortable. The best thing you can do is not put too much pressure on him before the photos...and maybe even give him a beer!

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