acadia national park golden hour session & a few styling tips


When my sister asked me to do their family photos during our vacation in Maine, I knew they were going to be something special - Acadia National Park is such a stunning place. Being that we are sisters, we were pretty casual about the scheduling process and didn't pick an exact date and time for our session. There were a few days we were going to do it, but I didn't have a great feeling about the sunset, so we waited until the end of the week and seriously ended up lucking out. The skies were gorgeous and it was a perfect evening...and that moon!!! 

The morning of, my sister still hadn't decided on outfits though. Luckily she had me there to help, and I gave her a few tips I give all of my clients in the Style & Planning Guide they receive upon booking. If you're having trouble deciding on a look, here's some good starting point tips:

1. Start with a base outfit. Usually this will be the woman's outfit, or a little girls outfit. The one that you know you want in the pictures and that may have pattern or color that stands out a bit (such as florals, stripes or a bold color). 

2. Then add other mostly neutral outfits around that, pulling out colors from the base outfit. So if you are starting with a floral dress that's say yellow, pinks and blues, then you may have the other outfits include jeans, khakis, chambray, white cotton, and pops of pink or yellow. 

3. You want to coordinate, not match. Similar tones are always good, but you don't want everyone to be wearing the exact same outfits or the exact same colors. 

4. Dress your man last. Keep it simple, comfortable, and give him some choice so he feels good in what he's wearing, too. For example, either tan pants and chambray top, or jeans and a gingham button down. Both are neutral and will work with the other outfits, but give him some choice in the matter.

5. Avoid loud prints, logos, and really bright/loud colors that will distract from the most important thing - your connection!

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