a stormy evening at Weir Farm | Fairfield County Family Photography

Sometimes you just know when you are going to love a new client - Anne and I had so much in common from the beginning including loves of yoga and gardening, being passionate about natural birth, among other things. She and her family were just the cutest and most laid back group I could've hoped for, especially when we showed up to Weir Farm one Saturday a few weeks ago and big dark storm clouds were looming. I know from experience that storm clouds can be a beautiful and dramatic addition to a session, but I always feel a little bit nervous about the unknown - will it start raining, or worse, thundering & lightening? Will the clouds make it dark much earlier? Will the colors look blah (though that time and time again my cloudy/stormy sessions come out soooo beautiful)? So I was super relieved that these guys were more chill about it than me, and for good reason - the session did turn out to be just perfect and those big, dark clouds added so much depth and beauty. 

Laura BarrComment